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Kermit Sandwiches anyone?

Tina's Kermit SandwichesIn speaking with some of you, I’ve mentioned these Kermit Sandwiches, as they are, by far, my favorite  food! They are simple and healthy – easy to make

Sprouted Hemp Bread (French Meadow Bakery) – my favorite bread
Good, unfiltered oil, like Olive, Hemp, Flax, Coconut
Ripe Avocado
Scallions, Onions, Red Onions or RAW Minced Garlic!
Ripe Tomatoes
Tina’s Everything Mix (see next post) and/or Fresh Cilantro, if available
Sprouts (Alfalfa, Clover, Broccoli, Onion, etc)
AND/OR Romaine Lettuce Leaves
Himalayan Crystal Salt (see below)

I start by toasting the bread to add some nice crunch, drizzle on oil (we need a couple of tablespoons a day, so here’s a good way to get some), scoop out the avocado and mash onto the bread and sprinkle on the salt. If you’re using “Everything Mix” or chopped Cilantro add it now, spread minced onions or garlic, top with thick slices of tomatoes, sprinkle with more salt. Last, add either the sprouts or romaine lettuce leaves (or both!) as the top of the “sandwich”. Sometimes I encase the whole sandwich in large Romaine Lettuce leaves, like a pocket – makes it a bit easier to eat. Don’t be fooled by substitutes – the toasted Hemp Bread MAKES this sandwich!! And, I don’t like pepper, but sprinkle it on if you do! These Kermit Sandwiches (named because they’re so green) go great with cut-up cucumbers, red bell-peppers, celery, snap peas and carrots, all sprinkled with Himalayan Crystal Salt and a glass of Yerba Mate tea with vanilla and stevia!

URparamount's Himalayan Crystal SaltHimalayan Crystal Salt from 5,000 feet under the surface of the earth is quite different than surface sea salts or other mined salts. Very briefly, it is a true crystal and possesses the same frequency as our body. PLUS, it contains the same 84 minerals that we have in almost the exact proportions we need/have.  PLUS it’s in the ionic state so our body can utilize these minerals.  It is believed that the Himalayan Crystal Salt is THE primordial sea that we came out of, hence the nearly perfect mineral match! This salt is the dehydrated sea, possessing the sun’s power in its crystals. Table salt, like all processed foods, is an aberration from the natural salts and is to be avoided.

We need salt to function – remember, our blood, sweat, tears and lymph is salty!! We need salt to make hydrochloric acid in our stomachs for digestion! It seems we optimally need about 1/4 teaspoon per quart of water per day. We are an electrical being, running on salt and water. Do some homework on all this, and for a good read, get Salt: A World History, by Mark Kurlansky. Fascinating how the world’s history, from earliest times, can be linked to the pursuit and use of salt!

Where to Install an Ionizer

under counter water ionizer fission

Most times a counter-top water ionizer is installed on the counter next to the sink, but here are a few other suggestions that may be more convenient and more efficient use of kitchen space.Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a wide window sill in the sink’s vicinity, this makes a great location – off the counter and still within easy reach. Most ionizers have a small footprint and will sit securely on a 4″-5″ windowsill. I’ve used this option, among all the others!You might have a pass-through near your sink where you can spare some space. If the ionizer fits crosswise in the opening, the back would face the width of the wall (I’ve done this too). If not, and the ionizer front faces into the kitchen you might like to put a photo of you and your sweetheart, or even your kids to obscure the back view (Yup, did this too!). Or perhaps a photo of your parents who made you so smart that you got a water ionizer! My mother used this option – but keeps a photo of her smart daughter on the back side!

Many water ionizers come with a wall-mount bracket. These work GREAT and often this installation uses unused space. As an alternative, or if your ionizer didn’t include the wall mount option, a sturdy shelf, securely mounted works too. Be sure to mount either option up high enough NOT to interfere with counter use. I have used a wall-mounted ionizer in my kitchen and I’ve wall mounted an under-sink ionizer inside my kitchen sink cabinet so it’s off the cabinet floor.

Another overlooked option is installing the ionizer in the bathroom (on the counter or wall mounted) or laundry room. When my son lived with roommates, he installed his in his own bathroom, and my brother installed his in the laundry roomIt all works! My daughter set the ionizer on the counter, BEHIND the drain board– she simply moved the drain board a bit closer to the counter edge. This worked nice in a tiny apartment kitchen, where she didn’t even have room for the wall option. Now she’s in a house and has done a “custom” installation, which brings me to the final option:

Water Ionizer Conversion Kit

This is for AlkaViva-Jupiter Water Ionizers

You may not be aware that, without investing $$ in an under counter water ionizer, you can install a “counter top”  ionizer under the sink. This is what both of my kids have done, as I did. This is a bit more complicated than above the sink, but it can work. I carry an Under the Counter Conversion Kit (email or call me) that has an above counter double spout – one for alkaline, with the other just underneath it for acid water. There needs to be an extra hole in your countertop or you’ll need to have one professionally drilled. The ionizer gets mounted on the interior side wall of the cabinet below the sink, or on the door if it’s sturdy enough and the hinges are well crafted. Of course you can always have the water ionizer simply sit on the floor of the cabinet.

Yi-Shan AQ, EC, EP & SP series Under Counter Conversion Kit

Yi-Shan AQ, EC, EP & SP series Under Counter Conversion Kit

A plumber is needed to hook the conversion kit up to your cold water line. (HOT WATER should NEVER be run through an ionizer.) There are several hoses to connect, and depending which ionizer you have, you may need some connectors and/or fittings to make it all work properly. A handy person who knows a bit about plumbing may be able to do this without a plumber.


When it’s all hooked up, you choose your alkaline or acid settings from the unit down below, but the waster comes out on top. Choosing the settings from inside the cabinet is the one drawback of a counter top water ionizer installed to be an under counter water ionizer.

The photo in the upper right is the Jupiter Ultra Delphi Under Counter Ionizer . With this true “under counter” water ionizer you can choose your ionizer settings from the stem of the faucet on top of the sink.

Anyway you mount it, ionized water is the water of choice – and drink lots of it!!!

Ionized Water & Urinating – a Private Word

Women who have had a sonogram during pregnancy will really appreciate this. In 1980, pregnant with my first child, the protocol before the sonogram was to drink a quart of water to get better pictures. OK. I am a tiny person (5 feet, 95 lbs.) so maybe it was that, but after I finally drank all that water, I thought for sure I was either going to burst or lose my urine all over the floor at any moment. I will never forget the urgency I felt in contrast to the excitement of seeing the baby on the screen. I just couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could go to the bathroom.

Drink ionized water!This is what I thought about when first attempting to drink a few quarts of ionized water a day. In addition, before switching to alkaline water, when I drank a glass of water, I had to relieve myself very soon thereafter. There always was an “urgency” so I couldn’t imagine drinking half my weight in ounces, let alone MY WEIGHT in ounces! The reality turned out very different.

After drinking a quantity of high alkaline ionized water, I found I could hold my urine – and a lot of it – with much, much less discomfort. At 54, still 5 feet, 95 lbs., I can drink a quart of water, and successfully hold it until I reach a bathroom without that sense of “OMG, I gotta go fast”! The feeling of urgency is just not the same.

My Mom and II thought maybe I was imagining all this, and “willing” it to be this way, but then after my mother was drinking the ionized water for a month or so, she reported to me, “Tina, it doesn’t burn when I urinate anymore!” Sorry to be so graphic, but lots of folks wonder about this and ask me at trade shows and on the phone. Of course it’s not supposed to burn when you urinate, and it got me thinking – the urine, when acidic, probably irritates the bladder somewhat and causes that desperate feeling of urgency. Mom’s urine was now more alkaline and she no longer had the same urgency either. Plus, of course, drinking more water, logically, dilutes the “stuff” in the urine. (That’s Mom at her 80th birthday with me!)

Either way, drinking more water, and especially if its alkaline ionized water, will actually allow you to hold more water! (But, please, don’t hold your water for me – go as often as you want!)

I’ve got my water drinking down to a science – how much to drink, when to drink, when not to drink and what to drink!

Stand and pee in Alaska!And, girls, if ya gotta go, ya gotta go-girls, and sometimes a bathroom isn’t convenient – you can go standing up, like a guy (well, sort of) behind the bushes, into a can, in the woods, from a canoe, on a hike, in a porta-john (without sitting down) and ALL WITHOUT PULLING YOUR PANTS DOWN!!!! Check out this female urinating device and see me using it around the world!! hahahahah – girls just wanna have fun!

Go Girl urinating device!

Go Girl urinating device!