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Ionized Water & Urinating – a Private Word

Women who have had a sonogram during pregnancy will really appreciate this. In 1980, pregnant with my first child, the protocol before the sonogram was to drink a quart of water to get better pictures. OK. I am a tiny person (5 feet, 95 lbs.) so maybe it was that, but after I finally drank all that water, I thought for sure I was either going to burst or lose my urine all over the floor at any moment. I will never forget the urgency I felt in contrast to the excitement of seeing the baby on the screen. I just couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could go to the bathroom.

Drink ionized water!This is what I thought about when first attempting to drink a few quarts of ionized water a day. In addition, before switching to alkaline water, when I drank a glass of water, I had to relieve myself very soon thereafter. There always was an “urgency” so I couldn’t imagine drinking half my weight in ounces, let alone MY WEIGHT in ounces! The reality turned out very different.

After drinking a quantity of high alkaline ionized water, I found I could hold my urine – and a lot of it – with much, much less discomfort. At 54, still 5 feet, 95 lbs., I can drink a quart of water, and successfully hold it until I reach a bathroom without that sense of “OMG, I gotta go fast”! The feeling of urgency is just not the same.

My Mom and II thought maybe I was imagining all this, and “willing” it to be this way, but then after my mother was drinking the ionized water for a month or so, she reported to me, “Tina, it doesn’t burn when I urinate anymore!” Sorry to be so graphic, but lots of folks wonder about this and ask me at trade shows and on the phone. Of course it’s not supposed to burn when you urinate, and it got me thinking – the urine, when acidic, probably irritates the bladder somewhat and causes that desperate feeling of urgency. Mom’s urine was now more alkaline and she no longer had the same urgency either. Plus, of course, drinking more water, logically, dilutes the “stuff” in the urine. (That’s Mom at her 80th birthday with me!)

Either way, drinking more water, and especially if its alkaline ionized water, will actually allow you to hold more water! (But, please, don’t hold your water for me – go as often as you want!)

I’ve got my water drinking down to a science – how much to drink, when to drink, when not to drink and what to drink!

Stand and pee in Alaska!And, girls, if ya gotta go, ya gotta go-girls, and sometimes a bathroom isn’t convenient – you can go standing up, like a guy (well, sort of) behind the bushes, into a can, in the woods, from a canoe, on a hike, in a porta-john (without sitting down) and ALL WITHOUT PULLING YOUR PANTS DOWN!!!! Check out this female urinating device and see me using it around the world!! hahahahah – girls just wanna have fun!

Go Girl urinating device!

Go Girl urinating device!