Are you toxic? Most are. Foods to detox toxins… FIR Sauna to sweat toxins out

Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna

As you continually modify your diet, try to incorporate as much of these foods as possible to detox heavy metals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Keep in mind good excretion is key and that involves your urine, feces, breath, skin, liver, lymph and sweat. Drink lots of water (ionized water is very detoxifying), do skin brushing, exercise and think about getting a good sweat going in a Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna – I’m a big advocate of the “personal-size” saunas that you sit in and zip up.

Aside from eating the foods below, we carry a product called “NDF” that is a very potent distillation of mostly chlorella and cilantro – two strong detoxifiers. It is an easy-to take-tincture either straight or mixed with a little water. In the case of chronic illness, including cancer, removing these toxins from your system may make the difference of a recurrence or not. Please email or call for more info on NDF and its sister product, “Liver Life” for liver detox. These both are gentle, easy yet potent products, no special drinks or potions, no big protocol, not too bad tasting, but effective!

Rife 101 & wrist band electrodes

Rife 101 & wrist band electrodes

I must also mention the ProWave Model 101 Rife Frequency Generator and its 300+ programs as an aide to detoxing and staying healthy – the Rife machine can assist in your electrical meridians and excretory pathways working efficiently. There are programs for Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Glands (comprehensive and individual), Lymph, Detox and much more. Request Rife 101 info through our contact page.

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The Best Foods For Detox:

So you have made the decision to go through a detoxification process. The elimination of fast foods, red meats, pork, junk foods, sugary drinks – but wait. What’s left to eat? There is plenty left to eat, and once you get the junk out of your system and start eating right during your detox, chances are you probably will not want to go back to you old habits. You will find that once you start your detox, there are lots of healthy and nutritious detox foods to eat. These foods will help you in the process of the detoxification of your system.

To begin you will want to keep yourself well hydrated (I vote for ionized water!). You will want to drink lots of water and juices . Try to discipline yourself to stay away from sugary, and caffeinated drinks as much as possible. There are a variety of juices to choose from including fresh fruits, and vegetable juices that you can make at home (easy on the fruit juices – they ultimately are sugar). Herbal tea is also a great source in assisting the detox process.

To take advantage and maximize the time and discipline dedicated to your detox, and to achieve maximum results, you will want to have a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Suggestions for rich detox foods are: limes, lemons, flaxseed oil, brussels sprouts, kale, avocado oil, broccoli sprouts, blue-green algae, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, alfalfa sprouts, arugula, garlic, spinach, chlorella, spirulina, onions, cabbage, celery, turmeric, chard, wheatgrass, and, ionized water!

Chlorella and Cilantro are VERY detoxifying foods!

Beans are an important detox food and a major source of protein and are a great source of fiber. Suggestions for your detox are kidney beans, pinto beans, garbanzo and soybeans. It is very difficult to go wrong with legumes, so pad your new diet with this source.

When considering your detox foods, instead of eating white rice and pasta, substitute these products with brown basmati rice, or other brown grains. And try focusing on enjoying lighter, smaller meals. Vegetable based soups and salads are light, but can be filling as a meal.

Experiment with dishes and try eating a fresh vegetable platter with no meat. Look at the colors on your plate from now on. The more colors on your plate in terms of your fruits and vegetables, the healthier you are generally eating. If you find yourself craving grains, trying a dish of brown basmati rice with fresh green beans, and cream of mushroom soup, combined into a casserole. As a side dish, slice up a fresh tomato and garnish with a small amount of olive oil and vinegar. Once you complete detoxing you are going to find that you don’t miss meat as much as you thought you would. You will begin to feel lighter in your center, and have much more energy that tends to accompany this feeling.

An area that is tough for most people once they start the cleansing procedure is in the area of snack foods. Instead of snacking on chips, candy and cookies, try to snack on nuts and seeds as a healthier source. Suggestions include sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, and walnuts. (Hey, don’t forget cut up veggies sprinkled with Himalayan Crystal Salt!)

Try to avoid fried foods during this detox period. Get in the habit of eating lots of baked fish, preferably organic. Chose healthy oils like Coconut oil, lose the bad oils (most that are in the supermarket).

When you choose to eat fresh greens such as salads, avoid salad dressings and try using olive oil and a small amount of apple cider vinegar (try alkalizing lemon juice in place of vinegar). Minimize adding salt to all of your foods. (Say NO to common table salt, but YES to Himalayan Crystal Salt)

Avoid processed cakes and cookies and other such flour-based products during your detox.

Most importantly before you start a detox process consult your physician. Plan your detox so that it is done at a convenient time. You don’t want to shock your body, so begin to make gradual changes once you have made up your mind that it is time to “clean house.” And by all means, ensure that you are properly hydrated during the process.

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